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Action Alert: Prioritize Economic, Racial, and Social Integration in School Redistricting

Support School Integration in Howard County!

Howard County For All supports Council Resolution 112, calling on the Howard County Public School System to prioritize economic, racial, and social integration in school redistricting.

What: The resolution, sponsored by Councilpeople Opel Jones, Christiana Rigby, and Deb Jung, “calls on the Board of Education and the Howard County Public School system to draft, approve and implement a lawful multi-year Integration Plan to ensure that Howard County Public Schools are integrated by socioeconomic factors and remain integrated in future years.”

Why: Howard County’s public schools have become stratified along racial and economic lines.  Many of our schools display concentrations of wealth and poverty that are anathema to Howard County values of inclusion and equality of opportunity.  While Howard County’s Title I schools (a federal designation that ties additional assistance to levels of poverty within a school) demonstrate that our school system can help disadvantaged students achieve, economic isolation disadvantages all students in our system.  Multiple studies show that when schools are integrated test scores and achievement rise for all students.

Sixty-five years after Brown v. Board of Education, our nation’s schools have become disturbingly re-segregated.  CR 112 is a courageous statement that Howard County will lead the way in confronting, and reversing, this tragic trend.  

When: The County Council will continue hearing testimony on the resolution on Thursday, September 26th at 3:30 PM. Although sign-ups to testify are closed, you can show up to demonstrate your support for the resolution. The council will vote on the resolution on October 7th, and you can email them now to make your voice heard!

ACTION: Contact the County Council Council to thank Councilpeople Jones, Rigby, and Jung for their leadership and express your support for the resolution because:

Howard County schools are more segregated than they were in 1956

research demonstrates that all children benefit from integrated schools

segregation in Howard County schools is unacceptable and against Howard County values!

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Copy the below text and email the Howard County Council ( your support for Council Resolution 112, calling on the Howard County Public School System to prioritize econom